Kovalia - Games that defy time

Video game creation studio.

Games that defy time...

Kovalia is a French studio dedicated to creating original video games for audiences of all ages…

We design games that emphasize gameplay and the joy of playing, placing them above technical intricacies and graphics.

We firmly believe that a great game is built on three fundamental pillars: gameplay, technology, and visual representation, but…
…the most important aspects to us will always be “the concept” and “the approach” that make the game captivating to play!

As passionate creators, we envision games that can thrive on both 1980s gaming machines (retrogaming) and modern smartphones, as well as virtual reality systems!
That’s why we call them “games that defy time,” as the gameplay principle is universal and timeless, transcending technical details and graphics.

Tokegon is a puzzle game with words and letters for Android and iOS

The game TOKEGON is available!

Tokegon is a game of words and letters, like no other!
Play it now on Android and iOS...

Origin of Kovalia

Kovalia is founded by Jean-Marc Lebourg, a French video game veteran.

He created the game Guardians (Loriciel), and worked on titles like Jim Power, Disc, or even Speedy Gonzales (Cheese Cat’Astrophe on Sega Megadrive/Genesis…).

In the second half of the 90s he was seduced by the arrival of the internet and devoted himself to it full time, while keeping an eye on the video game industry.

After setting up 3 startups in the web domain, Jean-Marc has gradually returned to game production since 2016. He finds new fields of application with mobile platforms and produces some experimental tests.

He also monitors the emergence of VR/AR technologies and the beginnings of the Metaverse.

In 2022, he founded Kovalia and started an original puzzle game project: Tokegon!

This mobile game is already available (on Google Play and App Store) and will be followed by a 2nd title this fall.

Kovalia is an independent production studio near to Annecy, in the French Alps.